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Met veel trots kunnen wij u melden dat zowel in onze shop als bij DOMA SM TV de mogelijkheid is nu om met credit Cardt te betalen.

We are proud to announce that both in our shop and in DOMA SM TV, the possibility now is to pay by credit Cardt.


New Products

Doma Leather Boutique


Doma opens on the Internet for the first time in its 30 years existence a boutique. Entirely focused on the Sm-leather fetishist.

It was always something that was an obvious step, but never really made. Why now. I personally witnessed the preparations for the start of NL Leather. And in pursuing this, I became so positive that I would put in my shoulders. It is beautiful and has such great quality that I like called Doma wishes to sell. Here everyone will be happy, I promise you It was created by and for lovers of learning. It reached the top of the world.

I know there is a lot for sale, very big brands that occupy the top position. But I promise you, this is the around the world. Outside this collection we will only sell items that really added value to the collection. You can find a professional set-Electra, penis chastity belts absolutely restrictive but to wear for long time. Everything will be viewed through the eyes of true fans with lots of experience! No purchases retrospectively a disappointment.:

We go for the sale of exclusive leather-Sm attributes, clothing and boots. What should we make special and surprising. Not only in design but also primarily by the quality. In compiling the collection and the design is cooperated by the true lovers of the leather fetish scene. How does it feel, the smell and the real product is reliable. Additional we have a nice corner with exciting accessories.

John Doma